MAMI "sees" within music scales...

Sadly, many players still overlook the power of music scales for developing 
improvisational and compositional ideas. There is literally a treasure chest 
contained within each and every scale that can be used to create 
interesting melodies, harmonies and tunes.
In the past, it was difficult and time consuming to look at (and within) scales 
to see their musical potential.
First, certain relationships are just not very obvious when music 
scales are viewed in traditional staff notation.
Second, staff notation does not allow the student to easily visualize 
the placement of that scale's notes throughout the instrument's range. 
Third, many scale studies have been misconceived in that students are generally 
guided to practice by playing basic scales without ever being taught how to observe 
and analyze the underlying value of music scales as a whole. 
Music scale study should not be mindless and "rote".
Because of these factors, traditional scale studies have been dreaded as being 
"boring, and of limited value by students.
Quite the contrary, the Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation concept 
and MAMI Musical Scale Atlases provide the vision needed to look deep 
within the scale for musical potential at a glance. Via an eight-way visually 
integrated layout they easily show you all of the arpeggios, harmonies, inversions, 
modes, melodies and patterns that can be used for creating useful and 
meaningful music from a subject scale...on your instrument
Creative, educated, enlightened, and wise musicians find new ideas and 
compositions because they understand music scale analysis and how to "see" the 
raw material contained within. They are excited to seek and find new scales!
MAMI Musical Scale Atlases give you the power and enlightenment necessary 
to make intelligent use of scales within your music. Every truly great musician has found 
those fresh ideas that made their music special.
If you are stuck, bored, or trapped but have the open-mind needed to find 
the fresh ideas for improvisation and composition to make your music great...
check out the MAMI concept for music scale analysis below:

Midi Audio Samples

Gb Major b5 Arpeggio Modal     C Raga Major     Db Diminished Whole-Tone

          Pdf Chord Charts for Midi files

Download the free 135 page MAMI Scale Atlas PDF sample to get the Matrix Approach  
to Music Improvisation Analysis of the Gb Major b5 Arpeggio and how to make music with it.
Visit the "chords" pages below to check out the MAMI Analysis for the Db Diminished Scale.
The MAMI analysis for the C "Raga" Major will be available as future bonus material.

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Here is a great one (actually two)! See why this music scale is so hot...then learn how I've used MAMI and added a couple of notes to turn this really weird looking music scale into a harmonic treasure chest for your creative use with note chart diagrams.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, that's why we offer free, no-obligation, MAMI Scale Atlas 
demo samples in Adobe PDF format for immediate download in the versions listed below. 

Choose your MAMI Music Scale Atlas Version of Interest:

For free samples and ordering, just click on the version(s) that match your instrument of study.
You will be immediately taken to the menu page for that version.

MAMI Musical Scales Atlas for Piano Keyboard Chords Charts and General Music Theory Studies

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