M.A.M.I. Testimonials: What they have said:

It has literally taken years to do all of the versions, but the feedback has been well worth it!
Although one of my very best musician friends literally called my original draft version "garbage"
he has (like many others around the world) come to understand and accept the concept. 
Because the Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation is so different and unique and open, 
it often takes a brief orientation period for some to realize its benefits.
For me, the true measure is that many musicians, teachers and players both known and unknown
have adopted M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases to support improvisational as well as
theoretical studies on their chosen instruments.
This includes many players that had helped to inspire it in the first place!
It is truly a nice feeling to have musicians whom I respect  immensely such as 
Pierre Bensusan, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Beck, Pat Martino, Mark Johnson, Steve Vattimo, Geno White 
as well as countless others find and express benefit using my material.
Here are just some of the comments and responses to the M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases:

thanx to "MAMI"

"i take it with me everywhere"
"I'm going to use this with my students"
"wow...you did all of this...d--m!?"
"I wish I had this when I was first starting out!"
"Awesome, it's all in there..."
"I'll be using your book forever!"
"Dude, we are not worthy..."
"Almost too much information!"
"who knew how much I didn't know?"
"I finally bought M.A.M.I., now it's time to get busy!"
It is my hope that whether you are already a purchasing customer, seeking sample content 
or a one-time visitor...something of benefit can be taken from this website. 
www.mamimusic.com was created to assist musicians by a musician.
Thank you so much for your support and interest,
Richard "Spock" Armstrong 

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