MAMI Explained: a powerful new concept!

What makes M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases unique and revolutionary is the integration 
of its Matrix Cube Fingerboard and Interval Charts as visual elements. 
These elements form its basis.

By using the Matrix Approach, a scale's musical possibilities are revealed plus
analyzed in a detailed, complete, and easy manner. 

Now it's finally possible to see a scale's harmonies as well as its related 
chords in addition to all of it's modal implications.
This is valuable, useful and powerful stuff!!!
Each complete MAMI Scale Atlas version contains over 580 total pages of musical 
theory, analysis, and instruction. This includes 520 pages of essential musical scales, arpeggios, 
and pentatonics that are visually analyzed eight ways with relationship to your instrument. 
For the first time ever, you can now see all the chords, inversions, arpeggios 
and modes that are contained within each scale and where they are located. 
Most important is the ability that you can now see exactly where to 
play all of  these elements on your instrument.  

Nine M.A.M.I. versions are available, based on Keyboard or Fingerboard Chart configuration...
No music scale reference text combines the versatility, flexibility, perspective and ease of M.A.M.I.

Guitar - Right Handed

Keyboard or Other Insts.

Guitar  - Left Handed

This text version's
fingerboard charts are
designed to show each
scale's notes in relationship
to a standard tuned
Guitar or Bass.

6 str     7str     DADGAD

This text version's
fingerboard charts are
designed to show each
scale's notes in relationship
to standard tuned
Keyboards or Piano.
This is a logical choice for 
all other instruments.

This text version's
fingerboard charts are
designed to show each
scale's notes in relationship
to a standard tuned
Guitar or Bass.

6str     7str  


Each M.A.M.I. Version contains three different Matrix Cubes. The structure of these
patented cubes make this multi-dimensional scale analysis unique to M.A.M.I.   


Modal Matrix Cube "A" - provides a quick and efficient modal analysis of the
subject scale by allowing the use of any of it's degrees as the root tone. The
modality of the scale is basically determined by the degree chosen for emphasis
toward the resolution of a musical phrase. Matrix Cube "A" simplifies and
removes  the mystery from the concept of Modes and musical Modality.



Chordal Matrix Cube "B" - designed to analyze subject scales quickly and easily
for chordal possibilities using any scale degree as a potential chord root. This cube
is ideal when you want to know exactly what chords or tone-clusters can be built
or derived directly from a scale. This is extremely important information because
it can provide valuable insight into harmonic and melodic improvisational use.



Harmonic Matrix Cube "C" - an optimized musical "cycle of fourths" model
which I use to assess a scale's basic potential for logical harmonic movement
of derived chords using the respective scale tones as key centers. This is handy
for creative musical composition and rearranging. I find that this cube also can be
used to assess the relative tension in terms of scalar consonance and dissonance.
















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