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Check frequently, I'll be serving up free Scale Atlas Pages
featuring alternate tunings and exotic scales. Plus I'll even have
some nice MP3 file downloads and perhaps a lesson or two
courtesy of some premier and creative musicians!!!

Check out our new Free MAMI Music Scale of the Month feature page 1!

Check out our new Free MAMI Music Scale of the Month feature page 2!

Bonus "goodies" - limited time offer (click below):
Midi Audio Practice Files with Chord Charts (pdf)


Check out the above files created to help improve your hearing and improvisation skills. 
There are three Midi Audio files on top along with their corresponding Chord Charts in 
Adobe PDF format linked below so that you can follow along with the progressions.  
I've created these files using diatonic chord progressions made exclusively from the notes 
of each of the named scales using the M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlas to find some interesting 
and different musical relationships.
Often, I'll take a subject scale out of my M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas and use the Matrix Cubes 
to help me find creative and interesting chord progressions as well as melodies. 
Sometimes these diatonic progressions can be used independently or be combined 
with other scale progressions to form a complete composition.
The idea is to experiment...as you are limited by your own desire and imagination!
from which you can create new music, or rethink "old standards" for re-harmonization 
as well as for improvisation.
Note that although the first two scales are analyzed in "for pay" versions of the Atlas
the Matrix Approach analysis for Major b5th Arpeggio can be found in the 
M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas free demo download as well.
One tool that works well in conjunction with M.A.M.I. is the music software Band-in-a-Box.
It is a breeze to experiment with new scales and chord progression ideas by entering them into 
Band-in-a-Box and allowing the software to generate accompaniment using your form. 
Almost immediately, you will be able to tell whether a scale or chords within that scale 
have the sound and feel that you desire. M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas and Band-in-a-Box is 
a tremendous combination that for around $100 will save you time, increase 
your learning and skill, plus keep those creative juices flowing forever!
Enjoy the files, and don't forget to to check out our site directory page for more great info.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader and an MP3
   player on your system to take full advantage of this page…

If not: bookmark this site, download Acrobat Reader
     plus Windows Media Player and then come right back!!!


Guitar or Bass - R.H.

Keyboard or Other Insts.

Guitar or Bass - L.H.


For a limited time, I'm offering free downloads of trial versions of the M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas!!!
Each download is a PDF file (1.25 meg in size) which contains 139 actual pages from the
   respective versions. These preview downloads include 108 arpeggio listings arranged
        in 9 arps x 12 keys format. Included are instructions, tips and contents pages.


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