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Are they a help or obstacle compared to sheet music?  

What about M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases?

Guitar chord charts can be a great tool for guitarists who do not read music.
Tabulature is also used to learn tunes while using a less complex system
than is provided by the traditional "staff and notes" sheet music format.
Drawbacks to guitar chord charts and tabs are that they do not fully address musical 
note duration as sheet music does. "Tab" clearly lacks this feature, and are often distained 
by formally trained guitarists, instructors and musicians for this reason.
Sight-reading is a great skill, and accurate for learning and communicating ideas. 
Tabs are acceptable if the ambition is to "play music right now" by simplifying 
learning using a non-traditional method.
Guitarists must realize that tabulature and sight-reading both have advantages and disadvantages to 
be considered when choosing the methods and resources that form the basis of their education.
Disadvantages: Compromises rhythmic representation of tunes and limited selections. Can stifle development.
Advantages: Relatively easy to learn. Format assists fingerboard (fretboard) visualization.
Sheet Music
Disadvantages: Relatively difficult and time consuming to learn. Can sometimes stifle creativity.
Advantages: Broad acceptance among musicians. More tunes available for all styles and instruments.
Consider this:
Whether you prefer guitar chord charts, tabs or sheet music, try the text that can provide 
a major boost to your studies, especially concerning the areas of improvisation and composition. 
Top players plus instructors are using M.A.M.I. to gain an advantage and are using it with their coursework. 
It is helping guitarists learn to play better faster...with more creativity and freedom. 
Discover this advantage, don't be left behind any longer!

See what the fuss is all about:

Check these books out: MAMI Musical Scale Atlases.  
Go below to download your free 135 page M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas in PDF format.
The MAMI Scale Atlas is a visual and text-based guide to your instrument and does not require sight-reading. 
MAMI is a unique new approach that will speed your development and playing ability.
It uses a fully integrated 8-way visual format that charts chords and scales on the fingerboard.
MAMI's formatting allows you to see all possible modes, chords, intervals, fingerings, inversions and harmonic 
motion within 108 arpeggios, 160 pentatonics and 252 essential scales. Every scale is transposed for all 12 keys!
Whether you are a Beginner or a Master Guitarist, Right-handed or Lefty...
Play on 6 strings, 7 strings or even a Alternate tunings, there is a MAMI version available!
Go to for more details about the MAMI Scale Atlas 
plus links to cool musicians and other "goodies".
Versions include: 6-string "E-A-D-G-B-E", 7-string "B-E-A-D-G-B-E" and 6-string "D-A-D-G-A-D"
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