Guitar scales help with M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases

guitar scales atlases online

Scales knowledge is essential for guitar, and we have a unique text to help...

M.A.M.I. guitar scales atlases have a one-of-a-kind, 8-way patented visual layout that 
shows the notes, intervals,  modes, chords and harmonic movements possible for 45 essential 
arpeggios, pentatonics and scales in all 12 roots. 
They also include descriptive text plus instructions as well as musical tips for the use of each scale. 
Our integrated approach to scale study allows for a broader understanding of guitar scales. 
Try it for free, no other book or software is this complete.
Students on all levels can use M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases, because you don't need to read music.
Regardless of musical style, ability, or theory training you can use it to learn new chords, scales 
and modes plus explore new approaches to using these elements creatively on your instrument. 
Whether you teach or play 6-string or 7-string, standard or alternate tunings, right or left-handed 
guitar there's a version to support your goals. Instructors, students and performers the world over 
find M.A.M.I. Atlases to be an indispensable resource, and we are confident that you will too.

Nine versions of guitar scales atlases from M.A.M.I. are available right now!!!

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