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Creative Piano Chords and Scales use can be pretty difficult at times, but to play better Keyboards it is essential to experiment and develop an approach that will allow you to find your own ideas on the instrument.

Traditionally, Piano players have studied both chords and scales as well as the compositions of other musicians in search of their own "voice". Obviously there is much merit to this approach.

 Most of the very best Keyboardists have managed to find their voice: their compositions, play and style reflect the time plus their efforts spent towards becoming the "best". They are open-minded in their pursuit toward becoming great artists: those having the ability to play great ideas in addition to creating great ideas of their own design.

If you want to reach your potential...to play better Piano or Keyboards based instruments, it will help you greatly to employ both artistic plus technical elements into your approach. Your ear should always be the final judge for determining how good or appropriate the music that you make is in context to its design. Whatever this intention may be: regardless of style or complexity, or whatever the purpose and goal might be. 

Are you attempting to stimulate the listener to be inspired, happy, sad, or tense?

 Any of these emotions can be creative options as well as goals at any point. To easily be able to express such a creative range on the instrument requires patient study, practice and training. Sure, it is possible to create and play solely by ear or through sight-reading and analysis but quite often using these approaches by themselves can become limiting. It is easy to fall into old traps, "grooves" and "ruts" that stifle the ear plus the spirit.           

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