Why M.A.M.I.
what is behind the Matrix Approach?

The very best musicians understand that music is all about relationships i.e. 
     intervallic, harmonic, chordal, etc. M.A.M.I. uncovers the mysteries surrounding 
      scales, modes, chords, inversions, and their uses in different musical contexts.
      This paves the way for independent, inspired, and creative musical exploration.

             M.A.M.I. consists of eight integrated parts for each subject page:

1. Subject Scale Listing - both notes and intervals are detailed for convenience!
2. Instrument Fingerboard Chart - shows the notes of the scale and their locations!
             Versions: Guitar-Bass (right hand or left) or Keyboard (all other instruments).
3. Interval Location Chart -  shows the scale intervals and their instrument locations!
4. Modal Matrix Cube - quick visual representation of scale from a 3-D perspective
                    while facilitating the use of any scale tone as the root note! 
5. Chordal Matrix Cube - allows an immediate visual determination of all chords 
                   or tone clusters possible within a scale via intervallic listing.
6. Harmonic Matrix Cube -  A specially optimized cycle of fourths arrangement
                   which can help you create interesting changes...logically! 
7. Interval Analysis Chart - an interval composition count, reveals useful patterns! 
8. Chordal Analysis Chart - lists chordal forms, inversions or tone clusters present!

           Below is a complete listing of M.A.M.I. analyzed subjects. 
Each subject is transcribed to all twelve keys and presented individually on separate pages for clarity. 
As such, the master M.A.M.I. volume is 560 pages and growing!



Major 7th Major 7b5
Minor 7th Dominant 7b5 Minor 7b5
Suspended 7th Diminished
Dominant 7th Dominant 7#5


Major 9th Major 9b5
Minor 9th Dominant 9b5 Minor 9b5
Dominant 9th Dominant b9b5 Dominant 9#5
Dominant b9th Dominant #9b5 Dominant b9#5
Dominant #9th Dominant #9#5
Suspended 6th Suspended 9th  (Blues)


Blues add b5th Locrian Minor Diminished Whole-Tone
Whole-Tone Mixolydian Dominant Persian Gypsy (Maj.b2+b6)
Major Diminished (Half-Whole) Lydian Dominant
Lydian Diminished (Whole-Half) Lydian Augmented Dom.
Lydian Augmented Super Locrian Phyrgian Minor
Dorian Minor Harmonic Major Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor Aeolian Minor Locrian #2


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